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3D Mammogram

3-D mammogram technology is the innovation that’s allowing doctors to detect cancer and abnormalities of the breast tissue more efficiently and accurately than ever before. The Louisiana Women’s Healthcare group uses the most advanced state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to provide the highest standard of health care for women in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Call or book your consultation online.

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3D Mammogram Q & A

What is a 3-D Mammogram?

Three-dimensional mammography, also referred to as a digital breast tomosynthesis, creates a more detailed 3-D picture of the breast using X-rays. Three-dimensional mammograms are the latest advancement in finding breast cancer early.

Several low-dose images are taken from different angles around the breast to make up the 3-D picture. A traditional mammogram produces a two-dimensional image of the breast from just two X-ray images of each breast.

Three-dimensional mammography technology is available only at certain medical clinics, such as the Louisiana Women’s Healthcare group.

Why Would I Need a 3-D Mammogram?

Three-dimensional mammograms are a measure of preventive care used to detect breast cancer and abnormalities of the breast tissue. Your doctor can advise you on the appropriate recommended screenings for you based on your health, medical history, and age.

If you have certain underlying medical conditions or you have a family history and a higher risk for breast cancer, you might need more frequent screenings.

You can ask questions and discuss your concerns during your consultation. Your doctor also maps out a preventive care plan that allows you to be proactive with your breast health.

What are the Benefits of a 3-D Mammogram?

Three-dimensional mammograms are faster and more effective, accurate, and efficient than traditional mammograms. Multiple studies have found that 3-D mammograms detect more cancer cases than traditional 2-D mammograms.

Because 3-D mammograms allow your doctor to view your breast tissue details more clearly, the images can uncover breast cancer that might otherwise be hidden by overlying breast tissue. Three-dimensional mammography provides your doctor with multiple, thin-section images that enable an examination of the breast tissue layer by layer.

The Louisiana Women’s Healthcare specialists work to detect diseases early through quality screenings and use the in-office Genius 3D™ mammography system. Genius 3D is an innovative technology backed by over 200 clinical studies, and it produces more detailed pictures for women across a variety of breast densities and ages.

Better equipment and enhanced accuracy could mean an earlier diagnosis and a greater variety of treatment options for many women. Learn more by calling or scheduling your consultation online.